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Powder brows, also known as shaded brows or powder brow tattoo, is semi-permanent cosmetic procedure for eyebrow enhancement. The artist injects PMU pigments in the skin’s top layers with a tattoo machine that uses the dotting technique or pixelization.

This creates a powdery eyebrow effect, which results in powdery, powdered eyebrows. This technique is very similar to microshading but produces dramatic results.

Although the whole procedure for powderbrows is similar to microblading’s, the actual outcome is quite different. Learn more about the differences between powder brows, microblading and the whole procedure.

The entire procedure is a two-step procedure. It consists of the initial pigment insertion and the touch up that takes place 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure.

Powder brows give your eyebrows the fullness you desire in a custom arch shape that suits your facial features best and enhances your natural beauty.

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