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Ombré eyebrows, also known as ombre eyebrows, are a popular semi-permanent makeup option for eyebrows. They were inspired by the ombre hair style. It’s the same procedure as the basic powder eyebrows but with an extra twist: the ombre effect.

Semi-permanent makeup involves injecting natural origin pigments between the upper and middle layers of the skin. The same applies to powder ombre eyebrows.

Pixelization is a technique that inserts pigment using dots. This gives the eyebrows a fluffy, 3D look. A machine that is specifically designed for permanent makeup is used by a licensed and trained permanent makeup artist. It has two steps. The initial pigmentation and the touch-up after 6-8 weeks.

The powder ombre eyebrow effect can be easily identified by the color gradient that begins at the middle of the forehead (known as the head or brow) and gradually becomes darker towards the tail. This illusion creates a feeling of fading.

To avoid confusion, ombre powder eyebrows are a category of powder brows. They are simply a specific shading pattern.

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