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Microblading is a popular cosmetic procedure for people who desire their eyebrows to look more natural and fuller. Although the procedure is painless and safe, it can leave behind a shadow. The pigment used in this procedure, unlike tattoos, is not permanent and can fade over the years. Microblading professionals recommend that permanent eyebrows be changed every two to three years. If you have any questions about microblading eyebrows feel free to give Gelana from Facesthetix a call at (917) 331-7811.

The procedure is simple and the specialist will make precise, small cuts to your brows. You must refrain from any activity that causes your skin to turn red or sore after the procedure. You may experience reddening and swelling if you engage in heat activities. You should not exercise for at least a few days following the procedure. Keep the area clean. This is particularly important during the recovery phase. You should wash your eyebrows with Aquaphor and distilled water after microblading. This ointment should be applied in the morning as well as at night after the treatment.

To ensure that your session lasts, follow these rules. Avoid excessive heat and water. You should not swim as this can wash out the ink. To minimize infection, avoid sweating and water exposure after the procedure. To prevent possible damage to your new brow, avoid sun exposure for the first two weeks. Limiting your activities to this area is the second step.

Only work with a professional in microblading who has the appropriate training and experience. You will get reputable training and a portfolio that is proof of your skill. Six weeks should pass before the first session. After the first week, a touch-up session should take place. This will make the results last longer, and less obvious than before.

You should clean your eyebrows after the procedure. To prevent ink from fading, you should not swim or engage in other heat activities for at least a few days. You should also avoid direct sunlight for the first week. Six weeks following the first session, a touch-up appointment should take place. You should also avoid the sun for at most a month following your first session. To avoid any complications, you should also adhere to the following tips.

It takes 7-14 days for the procedure to fully heal. The pigmentation may appear slightly itchy or burned after the procedure. Your eyebrows may appear darker than usual for a few days. You should avoid direct sunlight for several weeks prior to the procedure in order to get the best results. Avoid alcohol, tanning, or facial treatments for at least a few weeks prior to the procedure. If you have any questions about microblading eyebrows feel free to give Gelana from Facesthetix a call at (917) 331-7811.

Microblading Eyebrows

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