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Please CONTACT before BOOKING. Every person is different, each technique is also different. Not everyone qualifies for every technique. A consultation is required please before booking.

If you have tried every pencil, powder and pigment at the counter, but your brows still look sparse, microblading is a permanent solution that will transform your brows. Over the last few years, microblading has been steadily growing in popularity. Now everyone knows about this once-under-the-radar service. It’s a popular service that is natural-looking and lasts a long time.

Microblading can be considered a type of tattooing.

Face tattoos aren’t as scary and frightening as they sound says Gelana Gorjaltsan, a certified Tattoo Artist of over 15 years.

Microblading is not a traditional tattoo. Instead of using a machine to place pigment under the skin, it is a type of tattoo artistry. To imitate natural hairs in your eyebrows, I draw hair-like strokes using the tool. It’s not as deep and detailed as a regular tattoo but it’s still a tattoo since pigment is placed under the skin.

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