Eyebrow Microblading Services Boca Raton

Please CONTACT before BOOKING. Every person is different, each technique is also different. Not everyone qualifies for every technique. A consultation is required please before booking.

Brow lamination, which is the process of perming your eyebrow hairs, results in straighter, more upward-facing hairs. This can reduce the appearance of bare spots and uneven hairs. It can also make thin eyebrows appear fuller. It can make your brows look fuller and more styled if they are well-shaped. It was a great choice for someone like me who had full brows but struggled to keep them styled. It takes very little time to style your brows.

It is painless and does not require needles, unlike microblading. The entire process takes between 30 and 45 minutes. There are two steps to the application: a straightening and setting solution. The brow stylist will shape the brows and apply the solutions during these steps. After you are done, you should not let your brows get wet for more than 24 hours. You can style your brows and apply any product you like. 

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