3D Nipple Tattoo

Please CONTACT before BOOKING. Every person is different, each technique is also different. Not everyone qualifies for every technique. A consultation is required please before booking.

3D Areola/Nipple Tattoo Procedure
A 3-D nipple tattoo looks just like an original nipple. The tattoos can be shaped, shadowed, or used to create other artistic effects that look like real nipples. This helps patients feel more confident in their breasts.

The Details
The beauty of nipple tattoos is that they can be created naturally-looking nipples. Most women are suitable for them. The average time it takes to tattoo a woman is 3-4 months after her last in-hospital procedure. This is usually when the skin has fully healed from any previous surgeries. There is a risk that the tattoo could become distorted if the surgical scars aren’t fully healed and matured before the tattoo is created.

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