Get Ready To Look Amazing

Brooklyn, Boca Raton and Miami Locations

Get Ready To Look Amazing

Brooklyn, Boca Raton and Miami Locations

Get Ready To Look Amazing

Brooklyn, Boca Raton and Miami Locations

I Have 15+ Years of Experience.

Facesthetix offers full-service customized semi-permanent makeup application and microblading in the New York City and South Florida area. It’s owned and operated by a seasoned beauty insider, certified makeup artist of Elite Beauty School, NYC, and certified Tattoo Artist of over 15 years, Gelana Gorjalstan.

“In addition to my years as a beauty specialist, managing a medical practice and working as a Dermatology Medical Assistant for over a decade has given me a unique perspective on both the artistry and science of semi-permanent makeup and fine-line tattoo application.”

At Facesthetix, we’ve devised a unique application method utilizing a highly effective and potent numbing gel that makes the entire application process virtually painless, regardless of the treatment area, with little to no bruising and/or scarring.

Services We Offer

Fine Line Tattoo

Laser Hair Removal

Lymphatic Drainage

We Are The Brow Specialists

Gelana’s Signature Brows, Microblading, Nano-blading, Powder Brows, Ombré Brows, Brow Lamination, and more…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Microblading, a manual technique that draws individual hair strokes in the skin, is more natural than Powder Brows. Powder Brows are done with a machine and gives you a make-up look.

Pain is very minimal and last for only the first few minutes of the procedure. Lidocaine Gel is applied throughout the session.

People heal differently due to their skin type and lifestyle. A touch-up is necessary to adjust the color and thickness of the hair by adding more strokes until the client is satisfied.

It’s a semi-permanent procedure that will start to fade over time if it is not maintained.

The following are not eligible for the procedure: If you’re pregnant, nursing, under chemotherapy (consult your doctor), have skin conditions like Psoriasis (rashes sunburn, acne), hormonal or autoimmune disorders.

Avoid alcohol, aspirin, and ibuprofen the day before your appointment. Vitamins can thin your blood. To preserve your natural skin tone and prevent the pigment from turning grayish, avoid tanning.

It will take approximately 10 days. The initial darkening of the eyebrows and disappear within 7 days. Any redness after the procedure goes away within a few hours. To ensure that the skin heals fully, you will need to wait at most 5 to 6 weeks before scheduling a touch-up appointment.

Based on the color of your eyebrow hair, the pigment is selected. You also need to take into consideration the skin color.

Each shape is created using the golden ratio. It is based on each client’s facial structure in order to guarantee the right size and dimensions. There are no pre-made moulds.

Yes. However, you will need to have a consultation in order to determine the best procedure and technique for your case.